Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Being Betty Windsor (Part 2)

Now I'm making a graceful exit - stage left. But it's been memorable and I want to thank my dear friends Deb & Rob Bowen Saunders from Hoozatt Entertainment for all the opportunities they provided me with.

And I want to thank all those instant audience members who played with me - for just seconds or hours - uplifting both or all of us in the spirit of fun, whose names I will never know.

They wouldn't know me from a bar of soap either - and often didn't as soon as I changed out of costume and into civvies in some improvised dressing room at a fair or festival. But we met, laughed and even loved - and our hearts, if not our minds, will remember that.

Finally, I wish to pay tribute to the woman herself - Queen Elizabeth 11 - who unknowingly but generously provided me with the most consistent career of my peripatetic life (up till now), and whom I seriously respect as a model of commitment and perseverance. I'm sure, in another life, we would have got on quite well - despite the discrepancies in our life situation, status and wealth.

Besides, now she's starting to look like me.... And personally, I think it's a fair exchange, because I sport two 'Queen-shaped lines' around my mouth that I - Janet - never put there! Hmmph!

Thank you all, and may you all have a right royal read of my blog!

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